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After working for over 7 years in the Social Media Marketing industry and building my own agency, I have realized that there are many professionals who are incredible at what they do, but aren’t quite sure how to scale or turn their Marketing freelance work into a full-time career under the agency model.

Through past leadership and C-level executive experiences, I have developed a set of unique Marketing processes that have allowed me to quickly scale my business and I am more than excited to spill all the secrets so you can do this too! 

Socialite is a 1-Day Intensive Program that is tailored to your needs. There are many Social Media Marketing courses out there, but there isn’t much when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur in our industry specifically. 

During this 7+ hours live intensive program, we’ll cover everything you need to know to be set up for success!


Program Breakdown


Socialite is a custom program built for your specific needs. Upon your acceptance into the program, we will determine which of these areas you’d like to focus on. 

Building Your Brand

Finding, Pitching & Closing Clients

Optimizing Your Marketing Processes

Scaling Your Business

Becoming an Authority in the Industry

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp


The program is delivered online through Zoom in 7+ hours of live coaching.


  • 9AM – 12PM: First block of coaching that covers but isn’t limited to: branding, clients, CRMs, project management, time management, and more.
  • 1PM – 5PM: Second block of coaching that covers but isn’t limited to: scaling your business, building authority, perfecting your skills and more.
  • 30-Minute Follow Up within 30-Days of completing this program to ensure you’re on track and answer any remaining questions.

This program is perfect for:

  • Social Media Managers who are ready to start their freelance business
  • Social Media freelancers who are ready to convert to an agency model
  • This program isn’t built to teach you the basis of social media management
    • You must already have experience with social media management to be accepted in this program
    • If you’re looking for training on social media management, click here

Contrary to most courses and programs offered in the industry, Socialite is built for your needs.

Socialite was initially built into 6 modules:

  • Building Your Brand
  • Finding, Pitching & Closing Clients
  • Optimizing Your Marketing Processes
  • Scaling Your Business
  • Becoming An Authority in the Industry
  • Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

However, upon your acceptance into the program, you will be asked to fill a pre-program questionnaire that will assess where you currently stand, your goals and expectations for this program. A custom program will then be built based on that questionnaire and we will focus on the areas you need most help with.

This is your chance to ask all your questions to someone in the industry and build your processes with me that day.

Together, we will build the necessary processes and establish your workflows so you can start scaling!

The idea behind this program is to set you up for success.

During your big day, we will work together to create assets and processes that will then be ready-to-use, right away!

You’ll also gain access to various templates we use with our clients to ensure you’re ready to get started by the end of the day.

This live coaching program costs USD $2,500 due upon acceptance into the program.


  • Full analysis of your current situation & curation of your custom program
  • 7 hours of live coaching 
  • 1 x 30-Minute Follow-Up call within 30 days of program completion
  • 24/7hr Text Support for 7 days after program completion
  • List of all our agency resources for you to use
  • Exclusive Templates + Worksheets & more

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Smart, strategic, thoughtful, insightful and driven . ByMillennials play a huge role for us in driving KPIs and engagement.
Sundeep Parmar, Creative Director
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ByMillennials has a streamlined process for creating social content and communicating with the client. It's been a joy working with them.
Mehmet Tekin, Founder
Beautiful, ready to use templates! Very happy about the quality and user-friendliness. I already see the time I'll save from using them!
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